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JetPro was founded in 2001 and is an inventorying dealer of corporate and business aircraft with a focus on modern turbofan aircraft. With strong financial backing we have the ability to purchase aircraft in a swift and discrete manner providing the seller with a straight forward and amicable transaction.

When a retail buyer is looking at an aircraft held in JetPro's inventory the selection process just became much easier. These aircraft have completed a comprehensive evaluation of its physical condition and historical records in all transactions our expert staff has effectively performed the prepurchase inspection for the buyer thus minimizing the time and expense to assure the prospective buyer they are purchasing a solid asset.

Working as a buyer's or seller's agent, we can facilitate even the most complex of aircraft transactions providing our clientele with the comfort and peace of mind any discerning aircraft owner deserves. This is done by applying the same stringent criteria and processes we use ourselves.

JetPro's professional sales staff is renowned in the aircraft marketplace as possessing the integrity, skill and knowledge to successfully navigate today's global aircraft market. This expertise and experience allows them to quickly and accurately locate the best value for the given requirement.

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