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Jetfly was incorporated in 1999 and has been a pioneer of fractional ownership in Europe using the super versatile aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12. The beauty of the PC-12 is that it is able to fly at high altitudes and land at large international airports whilst at the same time access smaller airfields; This means you can choose airports closer to your final destination, for instance, Courchevel in The Alps and La Mole - St Tropez. Jetfly now operates 22 PC-12’s, which is the largest fleet in Europe. In 2011, Jetfly placed the largest order in Europe of the new twin jet aircraft developed by Pilatus, the Pilatus PC-24, becoming the launch partner in Europe. Jetfly is located in Luxembourg and employs 160 people.

phone +352 26 09 19 35
11 rue Jean Fischbach L-3372
Leudelange, Luxembourg