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With 20 years of experience and 150,000 hours of flight time, Jetfly is a leader of fractional ownership in Europe for both business and private aviation.

The fleet of 50 Pilatus aircraft is now the largest in the world. It comprises of 40 PC-12’s and 10 PC-24’s.

The PC-12 is the most popular single-engine turboprop on the market as it is able to fly at high altitudes and can land at large international airports while at the same time servicing smaller airfields.

This enables Jetfly co-owners to land at destinations such as Gstaad-Saanen, Courchevel, Venice-Lido, London-Denham or St Tropez-La Môle.

For long-range destinations, Jetfly offers the luxury to fly in Pilatus’ newest super versatile jet, the PC-24. Within 2 years of its launch, the fleet has grown to 10 PC-24’s and the unique Philippe Starck livery has proven to be very popular amongst Jetfly’s 300 co-owners.

Jetfly is headquartered in Luxembourg and employs 300 people, which includes 150 pilots.

phone +352 26 09 19 35
11 rue Jean Fischbach, L-3372
Leudelange, Luxembourg