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Jet Advisors is an independent company with years of experience in the private jet industry; our company was developed to assist clients with their private jet needs. We combine our experience in the industry with up-to-date information from our industry experts to provide you with the insightful, detailed information you need to make the right decision.
Whether you are interested in the acquisition or sale of a private jet or are considering committing to a private jet charter company, Jet Advisors will assist you in every step of the process. We analyze your unique situation to create a comprehensive needs assessment, then use this information to locate the best solutions. We conduct cost analyses on each option and compare them with historical data and financial records to provide highly accurate cost projections. We also provide our clients with a comprehensive Operational Safety Report of each aircraft service provider to ensure optimum operational safety. Finally, we negotiate terms and complete a business review of the documents, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.
Jet Advisors is paid solely by our private jet clients. We have no hidden agendas. Simply put, we are here to represent your best interests, a true partner in the decision making process. Jet Advisors has the experience, resources and knowledge to locate your optimum solution. With Jet Advisors as your representative or partner, you can navigate your private jet transaction with confidence.

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