Hispanica de Aviacion, S.A.

charter operator

La empresa Hispánica de Aviación, was incorporated on 7 May 1986 in Madrid, Since then, the Company has been providing a wide range of services in accordance with its corporate aims, determined by its articles of incorporation, These services mainly encompass the public air transport of passengers and the performance of airborne operations with helicopters in several forms, including: freight, filming, aerial photography, panoramic flights, search and rescue operations, emergency operations, control of high-power lines, fumigation, and medical transport (HEMS), In addition to all of this, the Company holds a special division which is exclusively dedicated to forest firefighting operations, establishing itself as a leader in the medium weight twin-engine helicopter section, by providing forest keeping services for important institutional clients.

phone +34 91 799 1417
fax +34 91 351 7536
Avenida de Europa, 16, Pozuelo de Alarcon, 28224
Madrid, Spain