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H-Bird Aviation Services AB

charter operator

H-Bird Aviation Services is a Swedish company operating in airline services.
H-Bird Aviation Services, founded in 1991, is a Swedish airline operating in private and exclusive flight services.
We have a large and varied fleet, we operate everything from helicopter trips to the Stockholm archipelago to jet aircraft flights all over Europe and beyond.
Experience the freedom of exclusive, personal travel, planned in great detail for you without delays and disturbances.
H-Bird Aviation Services has a long and solid experience of private charter flights, flight education and Air Ambulance. Our main base is Bromma, Stockholm’s city airport, but we also have easy-access bases in Norrköping and in Paris. H-Bird Aviation Services is inspired by the Hummingbird, which, with its unique flying ability, not only flies quickly and efficiently, but also in all possible directions. For us, it represents our ability to deliver a truly unique product for all of our clientele. We always create customize and carefully plan all flights, regardless of whether the flight is for business or pleasure. With our large fleet and with our great team of experienced staff and pilots, we can deliver a time-efficient and comfortable service that will suit both short-haul and longer flights. Our vision is to be Sweden’s primary partner for those seeking personal, exclusive flight services and also for ad-hoc charter flight services.

phone +46 8 404 12 50
Tegeluddsvägen 76, 115 28
Stockholm, Sweden