Guardian Helicopters, Inc.

charter operator

Professional Excellent Service With Safety Always At The Forefront with GHI extensive fleet and versatile capabilities, no job is too big or too small.

GHI is an established FAA approved 135 and 133 helicopter operator that can offer lifting capabilities up to 4000 lbs using a fleet of light to medium helicopters. We can meet the lifting capacity for a variety of construction projects or lift operations. We can accomplish these jobs in a safe and cost effective manner.

GHI is a Los Angeles based company that has been operating and providing excellent service since 2001. Our experience has given us the foundation to exceed in the utility and construction business from heavy lift construction and concrete transport to precision placement and power line construction. Expanding in such a changing and innovative industry requires a willingness work with other companies and increase business productivity together.

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67 D Street Fillmore, 93015
Los Angeles, United States