Global Reach Aviation A/S

charter operator

We Want to Be Your Home in The Air

Global Reach Aviation was founded by Camilla Engelbredt and Jacob Rasmussen in 2015, both airline and VIP captains. It was their mission to create a workplace where employee and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.

The two owners came from vast careers in the commercial aviation sphere and were determined to bring back the flying experience to what it once was. After a re-structuring in 2017, the company has latched on to positively influencing the aviation industry.

From take-off to touch down, we aim to make you fall in love with flying again. When you fly with us, you will be greeted by the steps, and our main priority is to make you feel at home.

We operate two CRJ-200 jet aircraft out of Billund, Denmark, but the world is our workplace. European cities are our main destinations, but we have been as far as Canada, Africa, The Middle East, and Svalbard. The aircraft have a 3000 km reach and with a fuel stop the double.

phone +45 53 73 49 00
Cargo Centervej 63 DK - 7190
Billund, Denmark