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For people who know what they want, and are accustomed to getting it, Global Jet is not a luxury. Our quality of service is geared entirely towards this clientele, which has forged the reputation of our company since it was founded in 2000, and made Global Jet an undisputed leader in business aviation.

The higher your expectations, the more we will go out of our way to meet them, whether this means chartering you a flight or managing your jet.

Global Jet’s headquarters is located in Geneva. We also have offices in Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Monaco.

Throughout the world, our team of aviation specialists assists you and anticipates your needs. With our particularly wide range of aircraft, we are able to meet all your requirements in terms of capacity, facilities and range. There’s no limit on service before, during and after the flight.

You know what you want; Global Jet knows how to make it happen.

Moscow office phone +7 495 223 11 20, fax +7 495 223 11 21.

phone +41 22 939 3020
fax +41 22 939 30 21
4, Chemin des Papillons, 1216 Cointrin
Geneve, Switzerland
principal operating regions

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Victor Rudnov 21.10.2016
We are frequently providing GJC with our aircraft for charters & subcharters in Europe, and so far the experience has been great. They are our trusted customers, and also good friends.