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GH Charter Aircraft

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Even behind the scenes, you can rely on us. We're a partner you can trust and are there for you around the clock to take reservations and to answer any questions you might have about your trip with us - quickly, reliably and precisely.

And we check (and double-check) everything down to the last detail to ensure that the quality of the service we provide you meets our own very rigorous and exacting standards. That way, we can ensure that we actually exceed your expectations.

To do this, the team at INTERLINE operates in accordance with a proven, stringent quality assurance programme. Everyone entrusted with looking after your needs follows this programme to the letter in everything they do for you and on your behalf.

By observing the stipulations of this programme, we're in a position to constantly improve our service and to gear everything we do to the specific needs and exacting demands of our customers. To give them the service they expect and deserve.

And since our success is closely linked to your success, we can only be satisfied when you choose INTERLINE time and again. As a proven partner who caters to all your needs.

After all, the best only deserve the best the market has to offer.

phone +49(0)89 958081-40 / +49 (0)89 958081-30
fax +49 (0)89 958081-49 / +49 (0)89 958081-49
Firkenweg 7 85774 Unterföhring
Munich, Germany