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Fly Aeolus

charter operator

Our team provides low-cost private flights

Fly Aeolus has become the first company to offer air taxi services using single piston aircraft in Europe under a fractional ownership model. It sets an innovation in affordable private door-to-door air transport.
Fly Aeolus is highly valued for our professional responsiveness in providing affordable both private and business flights. Fly Aeolus is growing to be the preferred air taxi partner for low cost private flights in Europe, with office locations at Antwerp and Rotterdam airport.
Our team exhibites expertise from different business aviation disciplines, completed by experienced Cirrus pilots and instructors.

phone +32 (0)3 500 9082
Antwerp Airport Main Terminal, PB2 Luchthavenlei 2100 Antwerp-Deurne
Antwerpen, Belgium
principal operating regions