flight support

FCG OPS is certified 24/7 flight operations control & dispatch center for flight planning, coordination and following worldwide.

FCG OPS, a part of Flight Consulting Group, is one of the largest and most experienced operational control centers (OCC) in Europe.

Over 20+ years the company has accumulated experience by servicing flights for more than 400 air companies. A team of 25 dispatchers use their expertise and reliable industry contacts, to provide efficient and effective day-to-day flight and trip support services.


The company provides

• outsourced dispatch services

• international trip support

• ground handling services within a network of more than 50 airports across the Baltics, Scandinavia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe

• IATA-certified travel services for aviation crew members

• fuel services.

FCG OPS offers flexible solutions for air operators, corporate fleet, private aircraft, air ambulance, military & governmental organizations, and specific flight purpose (aircraft delivery, around-the-world flights and others).

phone +371 67 207 721
Dzirnieku Str. 15, Riga Airport, LV-1053
Riga, Latvia
principal operating regions