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Fiba Air

charter operator

We provide the confidence and comfort our passangers desire!

Fiba Air is a private air taxi and an aviation services company which started its operations in both domestic and international routes in August 2005. Fiba Air has provided maximum safety and comfort to all domestic and international line passengers ever since the first flight.

Fiba Air stands out with a strong technical skills and the experienced crew. Fiba Air has an aircraft hangar of 1500 square meter in İstanbul Atatürk Airport Air Terminal, which offers short or long term maintenance services and ground support for other aircrafts.

Fiba Air flies to any destination in the world with superior service quality and respect for air regulations.

phone +90 212 424 4017
fax +90 212 424 4057
Atatürk Havalimanı Özel Hangarlar Bölgesi, 34630 Sefaköy
Istanbul, Turkey