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Euro Jet was founded in 2008 as a company dedicated to proving ground support services throughout Europe and Asia. Over the years we have expanded our capabilities to also provide these same services worldwide. We work with executive jet operators, corporate jets, major commercial passenger airlines, cargo airlines, global trip supports, and aircraft delivery companies. Our clients span corporations, high net worth individuals, governments, militaries, air charter brokers, and global trip support companies.
Euro Jet works tirelessly to establish long term partnerships based on TRUST by creating an exceptional experience from start to finish for our customers. We do this by providing Transparent pricing, Reliable service every time; our Unique network of locations; and finding a Solution that always results in a trip Tailored to the needs best suited for our customers.

phone +420 2333 43 362
fax +420 2333 43 102
Terminal 3, Euro Jet Lounge, Letiste Praha Ruzyne, Prague 6, CZ-160 08
Prague, Czech Republic