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Elite Jet s.r.o.

charter operator

Elite Jet is really elite way how to travel

There is just one way to go but several partners you can choose. Allow us to go with you and we‘ll do anything to get you where you need to be on time. Elite Jet provides the luxury, convenience, safety and security that only a private jet flight can offer. In this age of increased security procedures, flying privately ensures the absence of extended security and boarding delays that inconvenience commercial passengers, as well as a much higher level of comfort and privacy.

Elite Jet was founded by people who share passion for flying, business aviation and most likely individuals who understand core value of people. Time, reliability and loyalty is something we honor and try to build on top of it. We do it because we believe that we can change your tomorrows.

phone +421 902 22 11 00
Opavská 26, 831 01
Bratislava, Slovakia