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Easy Charter

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Comfort solutions

Airline Easy Charter is a global provider of transportation and logistics services. We regularly carry out air transportation of various categories of cargo since 2015.

Our ultimate goal is to create great comfort for you and to make positive changes for the environment and people. We face challenges, set new goals and constantly increase the quality and standard in the market with the help of qualified and experienced staff.

Our company is accreditated for the transportation of dangerous goods in Hong Kong, from where we successfully transport specified goods to various different destinations. In addition, our company also operates flight from Malaysia and Macau to any direction.

We are proud that during the coronavirus pandemic, we managed to help many countries with PCR tests, vaccines and medications, including import of million Pfizer vaccine to Georgia.

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, we have been actively delivering humanitarian goods to Ukraine.

Easy Charter is the only Airline that regularly operates humanitarian flights from Europe to Afghanistan.

phone +995 599 51 42 91
85 Paliashvili St., 0162
Tbilisi, Georgia