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CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Inc.

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A truly global company that takes pride in stewarding excellence in business and commercial aviation. This includes private and commercial aircraft, cargo planes, or any combination. We also support requirements for VIP or Executive aircraft. Are you searching for specific aircraft parts? Do you need to lease engines so you can transport your aircraft? We can help with dedicated and experienced staff working 24/7 to provide, plan, and source projects to completion. We at CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing strive for perfection and cater our projects solely to the consumer’s requirements.

We’ve dedicated efforts throughout Europe, North America, South America, Mexico, and Sri Lanka, and locations in Asia – Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines. Our efforts also support requirements in Ethiopia and the Congo.

We look forward to working with you in any capacity.

phone +1 310 307 7154 / +1 310 896 2312
609 Deep Valley Drive, 90274
Rolling Hills Estates, United States

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