Copeca Jet Center

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When your next flight takes you over the Caribbean, you can save lots of time and money by using our friendly and convenient FBO. Located in the NW corner of Puerto Rico, our airport boasts the Caribbean’s longest runway (11,300ft.).

Copeca Jet Center offers full concierge services designed to make your stopover enjoyable and relaxing. We have US Customs, Immigration and Agriculture facilities available so you can be on your way hassle-free and always on schedule. At Copeca our top priority is your safety and satisfaction, from the first contact to the moment we wave you good-bye on the runway, you can count on Copeca’s personalized services.

phone +1 787 890 1250
fax +1 787 890 1390
GA Terminal Hangar 579 BQN Airport Ramey, Puerto Rico 00604
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico