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ConnectJets launched in 2009, introducing a fresh approach to the private jet market. ConnectJets employs client-focussed intelligence in all business aviation markets, offering bespoke private jet solutions maximising the buying power of travel budgets and private jet investments. Gain access to a team of global research specialists. With over 40 years aviation experience, ConnectJets offers independent, impartial market intelligence in securing the most viable business jet travel solutions for clients.

In business aviation terms, we refer to private jet hire as on demand charter or simply charter. If your travel requirement is occasional or irregular, then private jet charter is the ideal option for you.

Private Jet Charter allows you to fly anywhere in the world, on the aircraft of your choice, to your own schedule, and from the airport most convenient to you. With no membership fees, acquisition costs or monthly management fees, you get the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to our charter programme, we offer Private Jet Sharing and Private Jet Taxi, which, along with our charter Frequent Flyer Programmes, provide significant savings for those who fly regularly.

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Gabriella Somerville
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