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ClearWay Handling & Operations

flight support fuel supplier

ClearWay Handling & Operations is a full-service flight support company that delivers unparalleled support to business jet operators 24 hours a day. The ClearWay team is comprised of highly skilled industry professionals with vast knowledge and expertise in business aviation. We have a broad network of handling agents located throughout the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe and Belarus. This allows us to ensure safe, punctual and cost-effective operations, guaranteeing that your flight is truly a luxury experience for your clients. 


• Aircraft Dispatch, 

• Ground Handling, 

• Aviation Fuel, 

• Flight planning, 

• Permits, 

• Dispatcher Training and OCC Development, 

• Travel services.

phone +371 67 660 773
22 Ziemelu Str., Business Aviation Center Riga Airport, LV-1053
Riga, Latvia
principal operating regions