C&I Corporation

charter operator

C&I Corporation S.R.L., Romanian company with 100% private capital was founded in January 2008 in Oituz, county of Bacau.

We flight services to any destination in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company began its activity with domestic flights with their two modern helicopters, the EC 120 and the EC 135 P2+. Only one year later, C&I Corporation decided to expand its business to international charter flights by investing in one of the world’s greatest sky pleasures – the Cessna Citation XLS+. Assisting customers in all their needs at every point along their trip became our mission.

Exceptional endowment and services, combined with large experience and wide informational resources, is what attracts clients worldwide to C&I Corporation. But it’s not only the services themselves that have made us exceptional. What sets C&I Corporation apart is our ability to learn each client’s unique definition of success and our ability to deliver it every time he takes-off to the sky.

Headquartered in Oituz, Bacau and with a second operating point in Otopeni, Bucharest, C&I Corporation is strategically linked to key destinations all over the world.

phone +40 234 337000
fax +40 234 337000
1 Industriilor Street, Onesti, 607365
Bacau, Romania