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Charlie Bravo Aviation

charter broker aircraft dealer

With over 1800 pre-owned aircraft transactions each year, buyers compete globally for fair, suitable aircraft. Sourcing reliable aircraft information and following time-consuming, inefficient transactional processes is overwhelming, especially across borders.

For over 12 years, Charlie Bravo Aviation has streamlined pre-owned aircraft transactions globally by providing buyers a comprehensive suite of white glove business aviation services. A passionate team of aviation experts, Charlie Bravo Aviation couples market expertise with unparalleled deal management strategies that get every deal over the finish line no matter how complex.

In addition to its focus on streamlining pre-owned aircraft transactions, Charlie Bravo Aviation has committed to the ongoing education of business aviation, publishing high-quality, reliable aircraft information that empowers both buyers and sellers. The team also partners with numerous service providers in the industry to ensure aircraft owners always know where to turn.

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Georgetown, United States