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Cat AirService

Cat Air Service is a customer oriented Service Company, successfully delivering all handling activities for Business Aviation.
Discretion and the professional execution of individual customer needs, the neat and courteous appearance as well as the continuous innovation with creative methods for solutions are the distinctive features of Cat Air Service.
Truly Swiss. Cat Air Service AG is a joint venture of two truly Swiss companies, Air Service Basel GmbH and Cat Aviation AG. Cat Air Service holds a third party handling authorization from Flughafen Zürich AG for the execution of ground handling activities in General and Business Aviation at Zurich Airport.
Expertise and Excellence. Operating out of Zurich Airport’s General Aviation Center (GAC), Cat Air Service will provide all the services required to handle business aircrafts, passengers and crews. Customers will benefit from expert aircraft handling and excellent customer care, as well as additional services thanks to the close ties to the parent companies.
Comfort first. Knowing the requirements of our clients and the attention to details have helped us conceive a mixture of comfort and functionality. Airside pilots lounge with shower room, rest area, working space as well as Sat-TV reduce the need to go through the screening process. Together with a private lounge, reception desk and conference facilities along with a pilots briefing area on the landside of the General Aviation Center help make your stay at the airport as comfortable as possible.

phone +41 (0)43 816 08 09
General Aviation Center Bimenzältenstrasse 8302
Kloten, Switzerland