Corporate Aviation Analysis & Planning, Inc. (CAAP)

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Corporate Aviation Analysis & Planning, Inc.

CAAP was founded with the objective of filling an unmet need within corporate aviation – providing unbiased analytical methods to guide informed decisions regarding corporate aircraft selection, acquisition, and operations.
Today, CAAP distinguishes itself by its uniquely qualified team, analytical rigor, and track record of proven performance.
Your team at CAAP includes the former director of a corporate flight department and international aircraft management company, a retired Marine who was the lead test pilot for the F-35B/C Joint Strike Fighter, a Wharton graduate with finance and marketing experience at major commercial airline, a pilot with decades of experience in whole, fractional, and charter aircraft sales, and an MBA with over two decades of experience as an analyst. Our unmatched aviation experience and business skills enable us to complement both the aviation department and senior management.
The hallmark of CAAP’s service to the business aviation industry is our analytical rigor. There is a lot of data out there and a lot of information. But few firms possess the expertise to turn that information into knowledge, and the experience to turn that knowledge into wisdom. CAAP empowers your corporate executives and your flight department leadership with data-driven aviation asset decisions that integrate with your core business strategy and provide lasting value.
While we are known for our aircraft search, acquisition, and negotiating skills, we also assist clients with many other aspects of their aviation functions, including audits, appraisals, technical assistance, aircraft acceptance, and personnel recruitment. By becoming true strategic partners and understanding each client’s unique business objectives, we help our clients achieve sustainable results across the full spectrum of business aviation.
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