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Businesswings – what we accomplish for you

We are as versatile as you want us to be.

CUSTOMIZED. Around the clock we accompany you with our variably employable fleet – no matter if it concerns transportation of passengers, air freights or special events. We don’t only arrange aircraft of our own fleet but we also utilize our partner’s planes to find the best and cheapest solution for you in each case.

FAST. Since the expansion of the European Union, freedom is not only above the clouds limitless. We will support you in conquering new markets. Within minutes your airplane is ready for a flight to regional and international airports throughout Europe.

FLEXIBLE. Not just the transport from A to B does form part of our service but also the extensive customer service, which begins long before takeoff and does not end with the landing.

SECURE. We combine more than 15 years experience with flexibility as well as our high quality standards - and that with certificate: since July 2002 we operate on the basis of the Quality-Management-System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

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