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Bartelt Aviation is the world's leader in Piper Saratoga sales and acquisitions. Bartelt Aviation has sold more pre-owned Piper Saratoga Aircraft than anyone in the World!

We also have a state-of-the-art Service Department. The Service Department performs several Piper Saratoga annual inspections each year and our team installs Piper Saratoga modifications on a regular basis. Additional services include Piper Saratoga training and routine Piper Saratoga Maintenance.

When you purchase a Piper Saratoga from us, we have the ability to provide you Piper Saratoga training that is specific to your needs.

phone +1 269 651 5431
fax +1 269 651 6446
1301 W. Lafayette St, 49091
Sturgis, United States

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