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Welcome to AVIFRANCE, an agency specializing in on-demand aircraft leasing for some 20 years.

We are based in southwestern France, aviation’s heartland, at Toulouse Blagnac, Europe’s aeronautical capital for over a century; some of the world’s most prestigious aircraft have exited the Grand Toulouse hangers: from Clément Ader’s first motorized plane to global leader Airbus, as well as the elegant Caravelle and the prestigious Concorde!

In Toulouse, a natural runway in the eyes of the world, aeronautics is part of our everyday life that we experience to the fullest; it is our passion.

Do you need to lease an aircraft? Thanks to our knowledge of the air transport market, we can quickly identify and find an aircraft to meet your needs.

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6, rue des Briquetiers - 31700
Blagnac, France