Aviator Services, Inc.

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Aviator Services provides Air Taxi services throughout Florida using a safe, economical, modern aircraft- the Cirrus SR22. The Cirrus SR22 was the first production aircraft equipped with a ballistic parachute for the whole plane. A true safety innovation. It's like flying in a "BMW with wings". Leather seats, air conditioning, enjoy XM Satellite Radio while you fly.
Our on-demand air travel services allow passengers to fly direct to almost any city in Florida or southeastern USA, without the hassles of crowded airline terminals or security screening. You fly on your schedule, saving time and enjoying the convenience and comfort of personal air travel.
Aviator Services Inc. is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Carrier.
phone +1 305 234 8800
fax +1 305 234 8882
14300 SW 129 Street, Suite 203, 33186
Miami, United States