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AviaTIS is business aviation company, owner and operator of aircraft. Company's main base is situated in Moscow Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (SVO / UUEE), the biggest and most developed airport in Russia. Aviatis fleet carries out the flights to any destinations in Russia and abroad.
The core of our business is aircraft management and operations using Russian commercial air operator's certificate (AOC).
Our main goal is to open a new page in Russian business aviation history. We strive to make a contribution in Russian aviation development, drawing on the best traditions of flight safety and quality as well as solid experience of our staff.
Our main priority is safety. We maintain the ideal technical condition of our fleet. Our aircrafts, passengers and crew are insured in top-rank companies.
Pilots, engineers and ground crew are educated and retrained in best Russian and international training centers on regular basis. We ensure fleet operations on the highest international standards.
AviaTIS clients really appreciate the quality of flights, saving of time, attentive service, exclusive privacy and safety.

phone +7 495 788 03 06
fax +7 495 788 03 15
Mezhdunarodnoye HWY 28b bld.1, 141411
Moscow, Russian Federation

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