handling arrangements

     Aviapartner handling company, the only handling company based in Ostafyevo International Airport (Moscow, Russia - UUMO), offers services on the highest level for more than 15 years. 

     Moreover, we offer handling services in all of the airport of Russia and CIS - this way you will have “single window” access for all the services in Russia, including overflight and landing permission services, as well as a full range of FPL services.

     Ostafyevo airport is located in 11 km to the south of the city ring – this makes it the nearest airport to the city center.  Aviapartner offers a full range of services for international and domestic flights:
- full compliance with ICAO and IATA standards and recommendations
- very flexible SLOT policy
- absence of regular or scheduled flights
- convenient infrastructure and hangars

- catering from any client’s favorite restaurants
- transfer for crew and passengers
- crew accommodation

You can contact and visit our City office also:
phone, fax: +7 (499) 753 16 78
mobile: +7 (906) 795 17 48
e-mail: info@aviapartner-uumo.ru or office@aviapartner-uumo.ru
adress: 125167 Russia, Moscow, Leningradskiy prospekt, 37/3, 71

 Feel free to get back with any questions. 

phone +7 (903) 729 67 60 / +7 (495) 817 33 28
Ryazanovskaye pos., airport Ostafyevo, 142131
Moscow, Russian Federation
principal operating regions