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American Jet Charter, Inc

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A better way to travel

Think about everything you hate about airline travel: crowded airports, canceled flights, wrestling with heavy luggage, lost luggage, cramped planes, flights that make stops at places you don’t want to go, and the waiting. Waiting in long lines to get yourself and your luggage screened and then undressing yourself in hopes of not setting off the metal detectors or getting picked for the body scanner and having a naked image of your body for strangers to see. Worse than that, you might get the new more invasive pat-down by TSA Agents who touch you in places you never dreamed of ever letting a stranger touch you. When you have proven that you are not a security risk, and you can find a seat at the departure gate, you now have an hour or so to think about how much you dislike traveling with the airlines and thinking could there be a better way to travel.
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