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American Air Charter, Inc.

charter operator

First Class Travel Without the Crowds or Hassle!

American Air Charter’s business has been built by serving people who have to get there fast, comfortably and safely, without the mind-numbing, bone-wearying hassle commonly associated with flying out of large, crowded commercial airports. At American Air Charter, you set your schedule, and we take it from there; from getting you to your destination, to confirming that ground transportation will be available upon arrival.

Clients have a choice of aircraft, including jets and turboprops that deliver the right service for each flight at the most efficient cost. All of our flight crews are properly trained and checked for proficiency, and they must meet or exceed the requirements of aircraft insurance policies.

The FAA has approved our inspection program, and regularly reviews the maintenance we perform on our fleet. All scheduled maintenance and repairs are performed by certified aircraft mechanics, and we even maintain an inventory of parts to minimize downtime should a mechanical issue arise.

American Air Charter, Inc./American Jet Management began operations in 1995, with one aircraft to manage and charter. Since then, our fleet has grown to 10 airplanes and all are available to charter. During the past year, we have flown charters to over 500 destinations throughout the United States. Let us take you to your next destination via a crowd-free, hassle-free charter.

phone +1 636 532 2707 / +1 888 532 2710
fax +1 636 532 1486
577 Bell Avenue, 63005
Chesterfield, United States