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ALTINIUM SAS is a company created in 2015 to serve the aviation and nautical industries. Guided by a family spirit, company's two founders and trusted team members, as well as external contributors for the missions that require it, supply the industry with impressive expertise.
The main goal of the company is to serve their clients best, but what really makes them special is them building long-term relationships with customers and partners in complete transparency.
This team of passionate experts is there to offer you the best service, to fulfil your expectations, to transform your trips into unforgettable experiences.
Clients of Altinium can rent planes, helicopters, and yachts to complete their trip and make it perfect. Owners of such vehicles also can enjoy management contracts and consulting services on the sale and acquisition projects. 
Team is based in: Strasbourg, Lausanne, St-Tropez and Riga.

phone +33 603 589 800
57, Rue du Faubourg de Pierre, Grand Est 67000
Strasbourg, France
principal operating regions