Alsin Flight Training Solutions

+23 years ago a unique idea was brought to life by airline pilot Jérôme Binachon and computer engineer Jean-Paul Monnin: developing a flight training device that unites different aircraft types in one simulator.
Today ALSIM can lay claim to the title of market leader for fixed based FNPT II.
A constant process of evolving our products over the years has enabled us to offer our customers an advanced end-to-end turnkey solution with the ALSIM ALX. We also develop a specific simulator: the AL42, and our latest simulator, the AL250, is reconfigurable SEP/MEP and will answer your needs in PPL, CPL & IR/ME.
We are actually working on a replica of Cessna 172, available in 2018.
The development of our devices and services is a continuous process in close collaboration with our customers and our very own ATO (Approved Training Organisation).
The feedback we are given is of great value to us in our ongoing research and development work aimed at keeping our products and services up-to-date to the benefit of our customers’ businesses.
But it doesn’t end there: we take our customers a step further with real value-added services to meet their daily business needs.

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Nantes, France