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Airco Aircraft Charters, LTD.

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In 1987 the love of aviation set the course for Airco Aircraft Charters. Three Edmonton area entrepreneurs decided to offer air charter services from Big Lake, Alberta using a Cessna 185. The company grew quickly and in no time Airco Charters was a going concern operating several twin-engine aircraft out of the Edmonton City Centre Airport. The strength of a business is how it manages change. When the Edmonton City Centre Airport closed Airco Aircraft Charters moved to the Edmonton International Airport, adapted quickly, and reestabilished itself as a efficient, cost-effective and reliable professional aviation services company.

Airco Charters is the premier charter air services company in Edmonton providing charter flights to a wide variety of customers throughtout Alberta. Being centrally located, Airco has the opportunity to provide economical flights to groups of people and organizations throughout the province, including Red Deer, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Peace River and Grande Prairie, just to name a few.

With over 30 years of experience, Airco has developed a reputation for safe and dependable service. From Big Lake to the Edmonton International Airport customer satisfaction has been our focus and the key to our success. Retaining customers who flew with us in the ‘90s is as important as earning the loyality of new customers today. 

phone +1 800 724 7261
3620 – 60 Avenue East, T9E 0V4
Edmonton, Canada