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The most recent investment resulted in the purchase of the 9A-JIM CESSNA 525 (CJ) i 9A-JIP CESSNA 525A (CJ2) aircrafts, which will ensure a faster, safer and more comfortable flight for our loyal clients.
The Vlašić family has spent their entire lives in aviation industry, and they founded their first company, Air Tractor d.o.o. in 1993, which is still active and at the moment successfully operates 11 airplanes. Aside from this company, this family has founded a pilot academy Pannonia Pilot School, with head offices in Slovenia and Croatia.
The Osijek airport LDOS in Croatia is the base airport for training. They own the EASA ATO certificate. Aside from ATO, they also have certificate for the pilots’ English language proficiency, and also a valid flight simulator certificate. It is less known that the same company is also a successful aircraft maintenance company, as well as a CAMO organization. Airplane maintenance is performed throughout the entire territory of ex-Yugoslavia, EU and Turkey, where the company managed part of maintenance for general aviation.
The company has expanded their current maintenance organization certificate for all the Annex II aircrafts, and they also expanded their EASA 145 certificate for all single and twin-engine aircrafts of all types up to 5700 kg, including the overhaul hose. We also maintain turboprop aircrafts like King Air C90 and Cheyenne I, II and III.  
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Ulica Jablanova 21, 31000
Osijek, Croatia