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charter operator

Aerocardal born in 1991, devoting himself exclusively to the market since charter passenger flights, later expanding its range of activities Aeromedical Evacuation Service in 1997.

We are the initiators national and international ambulance flights. Our ambulance flights, have European certification "ARGUS" in all its processes. We have 6 airplanes certificated for ambulance flights. Full Intensive Treatment Unit (ICU) for adult, pediatric and neonatal. Transport capacity "ECMO" (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for critically ill patients. We have the ability to simultaneously operate three ambulance inside or outside of Chile flights. Ability to coordinate international flights in 3 hours, to destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, among others.

We are the only ones who have the ability to perform double stretcher ambulance flights, thus optimizing the economic resources of our customers. More than 300 domestic and international flights ambulances, conducted in 2015 support our experience. Only company that can simultaneously transport two patients on the same plane, with its medical staff.

Unique in the market with the operational capacity to reach this destination. And any country in the world especially South American cone.

BARS safety certifications and HART; TRACE transparency; ISO quality and safety aeromedical ARGUS.

phone +562 2377 7400
fax +56 2 23777406
Diego Barros Ortiz 2065 - Aeropuerto AMB
Santiago, Chile
principal operating regions