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Aero City Group, Inc.

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Becoming the first choice educator and concierge to those who aspire to be the world’s most capable aviators.

Aero City Group had its beginnings in 2003 when Seosamh Somers founded Angel City Flyers in Long Beach, California. Seosamh* wanted to elevate general aviation flight training to a standard normally reserved for commercial operations. This vision further expanded into having the best training and rental fleet available and in 2005 Angel City Flyers started with a G1000 equipped DA40 and in 2006 we added our first DA42. Today Angel City Flyers and its San Francisco office, Bay City Flyers, operate an all G1000 fleet of 16 aircraft from DA40 up to the DA62.

During the growth of Angel City Flyers we felt that the same attention to detail and customer service that we applied to aircraft training and rental was missing in the maintenance of smaller owner flown aircraft. Seeing this opportunity we started our maintenance organization in 2008 focusing exclusively on the aircraft we fly. This allowed us insights which flowed both ways, from the maintenance company to the flight training division and vice versa. Today our maintenance company services and maintains aircraft from the DA40 up to the most capable owner flown jets.

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