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Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engine receives FAA type certification and prepares for the upcoming entry into service

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Rolls-Royce (LSE: RR., ADR: RYCEY) today announces its Pearl 700, the exclusive engine for the all-new Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. business aircraft Gulfstream G700 and Gulfstream G800, has received official certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The pioneering engine, which was developed at the Rolls-Royce Centre of Excellence for Business Aviation engines in Dahlewitz, Germany, was custom-designed to power two of Gulfstream’s latest products, enabling them to fly ultra-long-range missions nearly as fast as the speed of sound. The engine received its type certification from the European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency EASA in September 2022.

During the comprehensive indoor and outdoor test programme, the engine demonstrated exceptional performance operating at sea-level and altitude conditions on both conventional jet fuel and 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). It proved its ability to withstand bird strike, cross-winds, ice, hail and water ingestion as well as passing the critical fan blade containment test, during which a fan blade is deliberately released at maximum speed.

Testing was conducted at various Rolls-Royce locations in Europe and North America, including Dahlewitz in Germany; Bristol in the UK; Manitoba and Montreal, Canada; the Rolls-Royce outdoor jet engine testing facility, located at NASA’s John C Stennis Space Centre, Mississippi, USA; as well as the altitude test bed at AEDC (Arnold Engineering Development Center) in Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA.

Dr. Dirk Geisinger, Director – Business Aviation, Rolls-Royce, said:

This latest certification by the FAA for our Pearl 700 engine illustrates once again Rolls-Royce’s unique capabilities to design, test, build and certify highly efficient and reliable aircraft engines. This makes us really proud and is also a testament to the dedication of our global team to support our customer Gulfstream and the upcoming entry into service of the G700 and G800. We have worked closely with the FAA, EASA and Gulfstream to achieve this certification and I would like to thank all of them for their continued support.”

Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream, added:

We are excited about this latest advancement towards G700 and G800 certification. The G700 and G800 are introducing new standards for efficiency and performance in the business aviation industry thanks to the combination of Gulfstream aerodynamics and the Pearl 700’s efficiencies. We are seeing great demand for the technology, cabin comfort and ultralong-range capabilities the G700 and G800 will provide our customers.”

The Pearl 700 combines the Advance2 engine core, the most efficient core available across the business aviation sector, with a brand-new low-pressure system, resulting in an eight per cent increase in take-off thrust at 18,250lbf compared to the BR725 engine. The engine offers a five per cent higher efficiency while maintaining its class-leading low noise and emissions performance.

Designed for outstanding reliability, the Pearl 700 engine is supported by industry-leading Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Enhanced, the most comprehensive service programme in business aviation. CorporateCare Enhanced offers substantial financial and operational benefits to customers, increasing asset value and liquidity, mitigating maintenance cost risk and protecting against the unforeseen costs of unscheduled events anywhere in the world. Increased aircraft availability, reduced management burden, full risk transfer, direct priority access to the Rolls-Royce services infrastructure and remote site assistance are further customer benefits.

Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading business aviation engine supplier, powering more than 4,100 business aircraft in service. About 2,400 aircraft are covered by CorporateCare with about 70 per cent of new deliveries being enrolled in the programme. In 2022, business aviation accounted for 21% of the Rolls Royce Civil Aerospace revenue.

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