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Pilot Report: Embraer's New Phenom 300E

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Embraer’s new Phenom 300E received triple certification from Brazil’s ANAC, the FAA, and EASA in late March, about a month after I flew the high-performance jet at Embraer Executive Jets’ U.S. facility in Melbourne, Florida. It was an excellent opportunity to experience the 300E’s faster top speed, upgraded avionics, and improved cabin.

The Phenom 300 has been a best-selling light jet for the past seven years, with more than 540 entering service since the first delivery in 2009. Its competitors are Cessna’s Citation CJ3+ and CJ4, the Learjet 75, and Pilatus's PC-24.

In 2018, Embraer upgraded the Phenom 300 with the E package, adding new features to the cabin such as the upper tech panel for the Lufthansa Technik nice cabin management system and other comfort elements. What’s new in the updated $9.65 million 300E's cabin is the availability of the Bossa Nova interior, which takes features from the Praetor 600, such as Ipanema stitching and details, carbon-fiber accents, piano black veneer, accent leather, and gold-plating. The new interior is also now much quieter, thanks to engineering changes to mechanical components that improve noise characteristics. During the flight, I stepped back into the cabin and experienced the quiet atmosphere.

Sound-suppression improvements include new thermal-acoustic insulation, which lowers the high-pitch tone of the engines during climb by minimizing the blade-passing frequency perceived in the cabin, according to Embraer. Engineers also redesigned three check valves, with new valve geometry and materials that eliminate metallic flapper noise during descent and final approach. A new muffler in the vapor-cycle air-conditioning system eliminates noise from the condenser fan, which previously could be heard during approach; it also reduces noise from the system when it's running on the ground.

The 300E is available with three interior layouts. The maximum number of occupants in an available layout is 11 (one pilot, 10 passengers), and this includes a belted lavatory seat and a two-place divan opposite the main entry door. If that divan is replaced with a single seat, the total drops to 10. For nine occupants, the seat opposite the entry door is replaced with storage/galley features.

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