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Gulfstream G500 tour - Gulfstream G500 cockpit, interior, prices and specs

Ales Munt
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Welcome to Aviapages, your go-to source for all things aviation! Today, we're diving into the world of luxury and cutting-edge technology with an in-depth review of the Gulfstream G500.

Join us as we explore the Gulfstream G500, a true marvel in the realm of private jets. This business-class twin-engine jet, crafted by the esteemed Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, seamlessly blends performance, comfort, and revolutionary technology, setting new standards in the world of private aviation.

The Gulfstream G500 boasts a clean-sheet design, featuring the distinctive Symmetry Flight Deck cockpit equipped with active side flight control joysticks for enhanced pilot communication. The exterior design is both sleek and powerful, with a slick wing boasting a 36-degree sweep, ensuring optimal balance of speed and maneuverability.

Step into the G500 interior, a Masterpiece of Luxury and Functionality:

Discover a meticulously designed interior within the G500, offering an expansive and personalized experience for up to 19 passengers. Illuminated by Gulfstream's iconic oval windows, the cabin creates a serene ambiance, perfect for undisturbed conversations. The galley, located in the aft cabin for convenience, can be placed forward based on customer preference.
Boasting Gulfstream's signature style, from the clean cabin design to the large oval windows and a slick wing with a bold 36-degree sweep, the G500 exudes elegance. Even at lofty altitudes of 43,000 and 51,000 feet, the cabin pressure remains impressively low at 3,670 and 4,850 feet, respectively, ensuring passenger well-being.

The interior, optimized for quietness, facilitates normal conversations between separate seating areas. The cabin's cross-section, with a width of 7 feet 7 inches and a height of 6 feet 6 inches, maximizes space and comfort.
Adding to the allure is a credenza housing a foldable 28-inch monitor, cleverly designed to save space. The cabin, lit by 14 signature Gulfstream oval windows, is equipped with a master control panel in both the galley and at the front, offering passengers control over lighting, window shades, environmental systems, and entertainment through touchscreen controls at each seat.
In essence, the G500 seamlessly combines style, functionality, and passenger control, redefining the private jet experience.

Step into the G500 Cockpit:

The G500 introduces groundbreaking technological features, starting with the Symmetry Flight Deck's active digital sidesticks, replacing traditional control wheels. The cockpit is revolutionized with ten touchscreen displays, providing easy access to crucial information and enhanced safety through the Enhanced Technical Vision System for challenging visibility conditions.
The innovative Honeywell Primus Epic system powers the flight deck, ensuring top-tier situational awareness. The Symmetry Flight Deck goes beyond cockpit avionics, embodying Gulfstream's holistic approach for the highest level of situational awareness, comfort, and growth capabilities.

Experienced Gulfstream pilots experience a paradigm shift upon entering the G500 cockpit. Old control wheels and pedestals are replaced by active digital sidesticks, freeing up cockpit real estate. Approximately 70% of mechanical switches, knobs, and buttons make way for 10 touchscreen LCDs. Seven of these touchscreens function as controllers for everything from takeoff planning to communications and environmental systems, strategically placed around the throttle pedestal and overhead panel.
Additional redundancy is provided by an extra controller at the jump-seat position, quickly replaceable in case of screen failure. The touchscreen interface allows for seamless cockpit updates through simple software revisions.
The mainstay of the G500's flight deck is the Honeywell Primus Epic system, boasting four 14.1-inch LCD displays. This system incorporates a third-generation enhanced-vision system, delivering four times better resolution than earlier versions, along with 3D synthetic vision. This comprehensive technological suite defines the G500's prowess, setting a new standard in private jet aviation.

The G500 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW814GA engines, achieving a formidable maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.925, making it a powerhouse for non-stop transoceanic travel. With a maximum cruising altitude of 51,000 feet, this jet effortlessly connects international destinations.

Gulfstream G500 Engine and Performance:

Powered by two rear-mounted Pratt & Whitney PW814GA engines, each generating 15,144 lbs of thrust.
TBO (Time Between Overhaul) of 10,000 hours ensures long-term reliability.
Max cruising speed of Mach 0.925, showcasing exceptional performance.
Normal cruise at Mach 0.85 and fast cruise at 0.90 provide versatility for different flight requirements.
Maximum cruising altitude of 51,000 feet or 15,500 meters enhances travel flexibility.
Average hourly fuel burn of 350 gallons or 1,325 liters per hour balances efficiency with power.

If you need precise flight time for your trip with Gulfstream G500 - Use Aviapages Flight Time & Distance Calculator

G500 Range and Efficiency:

Range at Mach 0.90 with eight passengers and three crew is an impressive 4,400 nautical miles (5,060 miles or 8,150 kilometers).
Throttle back to Mach 0.85 extends the range to 5,300 nautical miles (6,100 miles or 9,815 kilometers).
Takeoff distance of 5,300 feet or 1,615 meters showcases operational flexibility.
Maximum rate of climb of 3,950 feet or 1,200 meters per minute ensures efficient ascent.
Minimum landing distance of 2,620 feet or 800 meters enhances accessibility to various airports.

Gulfstream G500 Payload Capacities:

Maximum net payload of 5,250 lbs or 2,380 kg accommodates diverse cargo requirements.
Full-fuel payload of 2,900 lbs or 1,315 kg maintains efficiency even with a fully fueled aircraft.

Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a pioneer in the aviation industry, the G500 represents a leap forward in design and technology. Gulfstream, with a rich history dating back to the 1950s, continues to lead the way in business jet innovation.

Owning a piece of luxury comes with a price tag of around $45.5 million. For those seeking the experience without ownership, charter rates for the G500 vary based on the journey's length and the chosen airports price ranges between $7,000 and $9,000 per hour. Use to book a private charter flight on the Gulfstream G500 or explore our list of available private aircraft.

While the total fixed cost is roughly $600,000 to $800,000 per year, the average hourly operating cost is estimated at $3,800 to $4,400.

Join us on this virtual journey through the skies as we unravel the sophistication and excellence embodied by the Gulfstream G500. Fly high, fly Gulfstream!

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