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Gulfstream G280 Review. Cockpit, interior, prices and specs.

Ales Munt
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This $25 million beauty is not just a jet; it's a technological marvel that combines unparalleled performance, absolute luxury, and global accessibility.

The Gulfstream G280 takes flight performance to the next level

With an impressive 288 nm increase in range, 4,150 pounds of added MGTOW, and a 210-foot reduction in balanced field length, this aircraft is built to excel, whether you're taking on short runways, high-altitude airports, or low-visibility conditions. Its redesigned wing, inspired by the G550 model, and upgraded engines, namely the Honeywell HTF7250Ga, guarantee prime fuel efficiency and lower operating costs, while supporting environmental sustainability.

Gulfstream G280 interior:

But that's just the beginning. The Gulfstream G280 offers an astounding 17-inch longer cabin than its predecessor, and it's a masterclass in interior design. Skilled craftsmen have equipped this aircraft with a dream interior, featuring top-notch furniture and accessories. You can expect a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious luggage compartment, and even a spacious toilet with two portholes and a full-size cabinet. Moreover, the cabin's unique features, such as the circulation of fresh air and reduced barometric height, ensure passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready for business.

Gulfstream G280 coockpit:

When it comes to technology, the Gulfstream G280 doesn't disappoint. The flight deck boasts three 15-inch displays that enhance situational awareness for the pilots. An improved viewing system and a windshield display enable them to see runways and obstacles even in low-visibility conditions. This aircraft's advanced avionics package and outstanding control qualities make it a dream to pilot.

Whether you're taking off or landing, the Gulfstream G280 exudes power and determination. It's a true leader in the super-midsize aircraft category, with a long fuselage, streamlined wings, and powerful engines that boost range, speed, and fuel efficiency.

In summary, the Gulfstream G280 offers excellent performance, absolute comfort, and the ability to access anywhere in the world. Its impressive mobility and versatility set it apart in the world of private aviation.

Charter Gulfstream G280 for a flight

Using the Aviapages Flight Calculator, you can determine the duration and distance of your trip on a Gulfstream G280.