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FTC received San Marino AOC and launched additional office

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SAN MARINO, (27.03.19) – Swiss business aviation operator FTC has received an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of San Marino (SM-CAA). This event was backed by the launch of the new company office in the country.

San Marino AOC allows the company to register the aircraft in the country's Aircraft Registry and commercially operate throughout the world regardless of the aircraft base. Receiving of the San Marino AOC came as a natural result of FTC high class specialists' meticulous work.

"We have made another successful step to satisfy the wishes of our existing and future clients, which demonstrates our maximum commitment to satisfy their needs. San Marino AOC has already allowed us to introduce the first Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft into the commercial aircraft registry", says Hugo Jakob, FTC CEO. According to him, this will also allow the company to be more competitive in business aviation market, reduce operating costs and provide more services to clients.

Moreover, FTC has also opened its office in San Marino making its services more accessible for new clients. Notably, the new office is located in the World Trade Center building, which also houses Civil Aviation Authority of San Marino, as well as various governmental authorities. This move provides better cooperation and achieving the objectives.

Marinella Amici became the office Administrative Secretary. FTC headquarters has been located in Zurich for 20 years, with the office in San Marino becoming the fifth strategic representative office in addition to offices in Moscow, Dubai and Riga. FTC has also been productively cooperating with the most popular registries among the clients, including VP-C (Cayman Islands), P4- (Aruba), M- (Isle of Man), and others.

Receiving San Marino AOC added to the company's portfolio, which includes IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators) top third-level, the certificate acknowledged by the American National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

FTC was founded in January 1991 and has been offering the whole range of corporate and private business jet management, as well as charter flights organization throughout the world for more than 25 years. The company also provides services in buying, selling and refitting business jets of various manufacturers. Moreover, FTC employs its own flight operations department (24/7), as well as a high-class engineering and technical service, which provides technical condition of the aircraft according to the international standards and safety requirements.

Contact Information:

Address: Via Consiglio dei Sessanta n. 99, Republic of San Marino


     Telephone: +378 0549 964 356


     Marinella Amici