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Flight request: 28 Nov MKJP-MNMG 50PAX

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1. 28/11/2022 MKJP - MNMG ETD 0900LT 50PAX

Aircraft: Airliner, VIP airliner
I need a quote for a 50 PAX PLUS commercial aircraft.
If aircraft provides more than 92 seats, they can also accommodate more passengers.
Aircraft: Commercial Jet airliner or Turboprop Airliner
Route: Jamaica to Managua (one-way)
Term: once a week until further notice, starting next week
Pax: 50-92 plus
Budget: Most economical
All passengers have legal passports and all permits in check.
No need for return flight.
Please send quote. Thanks!

Email: info@reliablejets.com