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Aviapages and Leon integration

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The integration is based on a high-end OAuth2 standard.

This standard, combined with well-synchronized API allows customers to integrate sales’ options that they choose according to their needs.

The OAuth2 is a secure connection created on authorization, not authentication and does not require access to such sensitive data as password etc. It works as an authorization token that confirms the identity between a third-party software and a service provider.

The integration options include:

- Flight Schedule & Empty Legs

- Quoting

- Flight Time & Route Calculator

Integration of your flight schedule, empty legs and timely quotations allows you to receive:

- Significant amount of charter requests

- Direct and therefore handy quotation inside your Leon profile

- Top sales

- New partnership opportunities

Aviapages Flight Time Calculator in Leon helps your team to have:

- Accurate flight time (including counties’ avoidance)

- the accuracy of the tool is up to 97% close to the real flight time

- Much less bothering your dispatch from sales team

- Fast yet proven quotes

One of the main goals of the integration is to help operators get requests, process hundreds of quotes faster and easier, and minimize any mistakes in flight time.