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Premier 1


Class Light
Max passengers 6
Typical Speed 833.4 km/h
450 kts
Range 2095 km
1131 nmi
Cabin height 1.67 m
Cabin width 1.68 m
Cabin length 4.1 m
Luggage volume 1.5 m³
The Premier 1 allows you to take your business to new heights with enhanced speed, improved avionics and luxury cabin features. Featuring superior cruise speed and the largest cabin in its class, the Beechcraft Premier 1 is a high-value single-pilot business jet that excels in efficiency. You and your passengers can travel at a direct operating cost per nautical mile that is 11 percent lower than the Cessna Citation CJ2+. With the ability to fly four passengers over 1,000 nautical miles or cruise at 500 miles per hour, 50 miles an hour faster than the nearest light-jet competitor. This single-pilot jet makes faster, multi-city trips and an affordable reality.

The exceptional performance is made possible by the Premier 1’s swept wing design and ultra strong drag reducing fuselage, which is fabricated with industry leading lightweight carbon-fiber composite technology. By balancing performance, reliability and flexibility, the Premier 1 demonstrates that this business jet is the smart choice for value-conscious corporations.


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