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Embraer Legacy 650


Class Heavy
Max passengers 12
Typical Speed 805.62 km/h
435 kts
Range 7000 km
3780 nmi
Cabin height 1.82 m
Cabin width 2.1 m
Cabin length 12.94 m
Luggage volume 8.1 m³
Some corporate executives liken the Embraer Legacy 650 jet charter to an office headquarters in the sky. For those who conduct business internationally, this aircraft provides the reliability and versatility needed to manage your operations anywhere in the world. And with an internal space that’s perfectly suited to conduct business on the go, you can remain on-task no matter where you are. The spacious cabin of the Legacy 650 is roomy enough for up to 14 passengers, meaning you can take your team with you to important meetings and events.

The Legacy 650 jet charter also features one of the quietest cabins in its class, further enhancing the inflight experience. A pair of Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines, each providing 9,020 pounds of thrust, powers the Legacy 650. These fuel-efficient turbofans help it deliver one of the lowest operating costs in its class. Yet, despite its economical rating, the Legacy 650 is capable of flying up to 3,900 nautical miles with four passengers on board. This gives it nonstop flying capabilities between desirable city pairs such as London and New York, Dubai and Hong Kong, or Singapore and Sydney.

In other words, the company upgraded just about everything and made it better in every regard. The entire Legacy line owes much of its success to Embraer’s history as a commercial airline manufacturer. Given the high safety standards in this market sector, it’s not surprising that the Legacy 650 enjoys a reputation for extreme durability and a high dispatch rating. Measuring 240 cubic feet, the Legacy 650’s main baggage compartment is massive compared to some class competitors.

So, whether you want to crunch numbers, give presentations and compile reports, or you’d rather kick back and watch your favorite series on Netflix, the Legacy 650 delivers high-end quality. And when it comes to dining aboard the 650, you’ll eat just as well as you do at home.


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