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Embraer Legacy 600


Class Heavy
Max passengers 13
Typical Speed 833.4 km/h
450 kts
Range 5900 km
3186 nmi
Cabin height 1.83 m
Cabin width 2.1 m
Cabin length 12.95 m
Luggage volume 6.8 m³
No other business jet offers the same capabilities of the Legacy 600 for its price, even compared with other more expensive super-mid-size jets. The Legacy 600 offers significantly more space both in the cabin and the hold. Its ability to comfortably carry large groups of people (and their baggage) on journeys up to five or six hours has made the Legacy 600 a popular choice for corporate flights, families and touring rock bands.

Since it entered the business jet market in 2001, Embraer’s Legacy aircraft have quietly built up a very strong reputation. Embraer built the Legacy 600 with a close eye on the US market. As such, it is capable of flying up to 13 passengers (although 10 may be more comfortable) across the US.

It can fly 3,250 nautical miles at a speed of nearly 490 mph. This translates to around 6.5 hours of flying time, making it possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean without any stops (but only just). The Legacy 600 can fly up to 41,000 ft and needs 5,550 ft (1,692 m) to take off and 2,680 ft (817 m) for landing. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines, each rated at 8,100 lb of thrust. The cabin measures 1,413 cubic ft and is 6 ft high, 42 ft long and almost 7 ft wide, which is significantly larger than its competitors in the super-mid-size weight class.

Embraer boasts that the Legacy 600 has the largest inflight accessible baggage compartment in its class with 240 cubic ft of baggage space, as well as the largest lavatory (owners have an option for a second lavatory at the front of the cabin). The full galley at the front of the aircraft typically has a bar, oven and microwave.

The cabin is usually fitted with two DVD players, flat screen monitors and seats that fully recline. Newer models will likely include a satellite phone and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity.


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