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Cessna Citation CJ4

Cessna Aircraft Company

Class Light
Max passengers 8
Typical Speed 805.62 km/h
435 kts
Range 4010 km
2165 nmi
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.47 m
Cabin length 5.28 m
Luggage volume 2.18 m³
Like all Cessnas, the CJ4 is a workhorse aircraft. It will reliably carry up to ten passengers on shorter flights – exactly what is expected of a light jet. The CJ4 is the largest of Cessna’s CJ series aircraft, seeing a stretch extension from the smaller CJ3+ and featuring the wings from a Citation Sovereign. The CJ4 sits at the top end of the light jet market in terms of range, passenger capacity and price.

The CJ4 is the most capable CJ aircraft, with greater speed and range than any other Citation small jet. The CJ4 has a maximum range of 2,165nm (4,009km, 2,491mi) – making it the longest-range small jet. Of course the range reduces proportionately to the number of passengers, cargo weight, and weather conditions.

The CJ4 offers space for up to ten passengers to travel in relative comfort and style for the short missions the aircraft is built for. The cabin features six fully reclining seats as well as media docks, WIFI connectivity and Rockwell Collins’ Venue cabin management system.

As usual, Cessna upholds its reputation for producing reliable, high-performing private jets, the CJ4 being the perfect example. It is designed to be efficient in both purchase and operation costs while still maintaining a good level of comfort and competitive range.


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