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YU-SAI priority

Cessna Citation CJ1

Tinadar Jets Ltd
Class Light
Max. passengers 6
Year of production 1995
Serial number 525-0115
Homebase LJLJ (LJU), Brnik
Pets allowed
Modern so-called "standard equipment" of the airtaxi industry. Everyone who ever used or worked in air taxi business knows what is a CJ. Operationally, it is a balance of everything: payload it can carry, range it can fly with it, and price we pay for it. It's a little bit of a compromise for every item mentioned, but it's a very useful and effective compromise. It is a very reliable machine and can fly in almost any weather other than dense fog (this kind of aircrafts are not equipped with systems allowing landing in severely limited visibility conditions). Cabin is spacious and modern.
A toilet is available, but preferably used for so-called "emergencies" only.
Model: Cessna C525
Year of manufacture: 1995
Payload: 1650 lbs / ~750 kg (maximum payload) - 530 lbs / ~240 kg (maximum fuel/range)
Maximum range: 1100 nm / ~2037 km
Maximum payload range: 620 nm / ~1148 km
Typical cruise altitudes: FL360
Typical cruise speed: 310 KTAS / ~574 km/h (zero wind)