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Hawker 800XP

Aerosafin S.A de CV
Class Midsize
Max. passengers 8
Year of production 2001 lock icon PRO
Serial number 258552
Homebase MMGL (GDL), Don Miguel Hidalgo Intl
3 divan seats
The Hawker 800XP is one of the most successful private planes manufactured by British Aerospace. It is a safe and comfortable heavy-duty charter jet on which you can walk standing.
One of the strengths of this jet is its ability to take off from runways much shorter than normally required for international flights.
Its range spans from Colombia to Canada. It can reach 828 km/hr. at 41,000 ft of altitude, rise to 37,000 feet in twenty minutes and keep the cabin pressurized at sea level at 22,000 feet.
It accommodates 8 passengers with comfortable adjustable leather seats that can turn 360°, a Galley for food and beverages and luggage compartment.